Self-Publishing: Your Options

20 Jun

Self-publishing is no longer simply “vanity publishing” or “publishing for those who can’t otherwise get published.”

Self-publishing is revolutionizing the publishing industry. Writers no longer need to go through the intimidating process of sending their material to someone who will likely never read it. Instead, they just write what they care about and then can put it up for sale on Amazon or virtually anywhere else.

If you’re wondering how to self-publish, you’re in good company. Just because it’s easier than traditional publishing doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Aside from writing, you’ll need to accomplish the following:

  • Edit your manuscript so it’s 100% perfect.
  • Format your content into a ready-for-print PDF file.
  • Create a cover that fits your book size and width AND meets publisher standards (complete with ISBN).

If this sounds daunting, WickedCopy can help.

In addition to ghostwriting and editing, I have extensive experience in self-publishing using both CreateSpace and Lightning Source. I can take your written manuscript and create a beautiful PDF interior that is ready for a professional printing press.

Take a look at my book, The Alternative Bride’s Guide to Wedding Games, on Click on the “Look Inside!” feature to see what I can do for the interior of your book.

I also offer solutions for your cover. We can either use the CreateSpace template, or I know a number of graphic designers who can do an amazing job on your cover.

Want a custom quote? Have no idea what I’m talking about but want to learn more? Contact us here.

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