Should I Pay a Ghostwriter or DIY?

11 Jul

Thanks to nkzs for the photo!

Hmm, good question!

Deciding whether to hire a ghostwriter for your project or do it yourself depends on three factors:

1. Your Ability

2. Your Time

3. Your Attitude

Your Ability

How good of a writer are you? If you’re confident that you get your message across in the exact way that you want – a way that achieves your desired goals, that’s great.

If you aren’t a fabulous writer or you’re okay but missing the finer points of voicing, grammar, etc. you may want to hire a ghostwriter.

Your Time

What is your time worth? Many people want to DIY because they don’t want to shell out for a ghostwriter, but you need to ask yourself:

“How much time will I lose writing that I could have spent generating income?”

If you need to take time off from your business in order to get your project done, that’s a cost too. Weigh the cost of lost income versus the cost of hiring an expert ghostwriter.

Your Attitude

Writing requires a LOT of “sticktoitiveness.” You need an idea, but you also need the discipline to see it through from start to (edit after edit to) finish.

Ghostwriters and freelance writers earn their living by getting your projects done. GOOD ghostwriters and freelance writers get your projects done, on time and on budget.

Hiring a professional means never worrying your project will get waylaid by  lack of motivation, inspiration, or even simple distraction that is common among entrepreneurs and other forward-thinking professionals.

So, before you decided to DIY, ask yourself if you have the ability, time, and personal skills necessary to get your project done to your exacting standards.

If you aren’t sure – give us a shout!

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