What to Put in a Monthly Newsletter

12 Sep

Since we all know how important it is to have a monthly newsletter, I’m sure you have one by now…right?

But coming up with fresh content from month to month can be difficult. It isn’t enough to talk about what’s new in your business because the goal of a newsletter is to intrigue people and get them interacting with your business and not simply inform them of the news.

What to put in a monthly newsletter(After all, that’s what newspapers are for.)

If you’re out of ideas, get a copywriter on board. Not all copywriters will help you come up with killer content for your newsletters, but the more experienced ones should be willing to give you a hand because they know what works for audiences and – just as importantly – what doesn’t.

Here are a few ideas that work well for most types of newsletters:

  • Humor. People love to laugh, so if they know your newsletter will give them a chuckle, they’ll be more likely to open it. Try a monthly joke or funny story related to your industry.
  • Giveaways. If people love anything more than laughing, it’s free stuff. Hold a contest or online raffle to get people engaged with your business and/or website. People will interact with your website to enter your contest and also to receive contest updates.
  • Polls. Everyone wants their opinions heard. A simple email poll is a great way to get people thinking about your business and actually using your website. Added bonus: customers will appreciate knowing their opinions are valued.
  • Benefit-oriented news. Yes, it’s okay to share your news in a newsletter; just do it in a way that demonstrates value to your readers. Instead of saying, “We’re overstocked on widgets,” say “Our warehouse is overflowing with widgets so we’re having a huge 25% off sale this month only!”

I love writing monthly newsletters. Do you need help with yours? Please get in touch if you do.


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