How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

30 Jan

MailchimpA monthly newsletter is a very important thing for your business because:

a) it keeps you in front of your customers.
b) it promotes your business’ products/services.
c) both of the above.
d) neither of the above.

The answer?

Well, hopefully the answer is (c), but if you don’t have a decent-sized newsletter subscriber list, your answer is probably (d).

…at least for now. Don’t get discouraged! Here’s how to get more newsletter subscribers:

  • Put an opt-in form on your website. Make sure it’s prominently displayed! Put it in at the end of every blog post. This isn’t hard to do thanks to most emailing platforms, which generate the code for you so all you have to do is copy and paste.
  • Use pop-ups. People hate pop-ups, usually, but if they’re already visiting your website, it’s safe to assume they’re at least mildly interested in what you’re selling. A pop-up window asking them to opt-in to stay updated will grow your list much more quickly than the standard opt-in form.
  • Offer freebies. People loooove free stuff! Get them to give you their email address by offering something in exchange, such as a free report, free e-book, free screensaver… something that fits with your business that your customers will love. (Psst! I can help you make that freebie; give me a shout!)

A note about pop-ups: Not all emailing platforms offer the code you need to do pop-ups… but Mailchimp does. Mailchimp is also TOTALLY FREE for as long as you have under 2,000 subscribers, which makes it the perfect platform to get started building your email marketing.


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