This Month’s Featured Project: Run With Friends

6 Feb

I had a lot of fun editing the latest iPhone app from developer Mobilitz Inc.

It’s called Run With Friends, a play on words after the smash hit app, Words With Friends.

Run With Friends is a simple but ingenious little app for people who love running but hate running alone. Run With Friends connects people all over the world for virtual races, so you can strive to beat your neighbors, make new running friends, or just beat your own personal best.

The app makes use of the iPhone’s advanced capabilities to keep track of your running times and also provides audio updates during your runs, so you know whether you’re in the lead or being left in the dust.

I helped create and edit the content for Run With Friends. Mobilitz, Inc., the app’s creator, first contacted me to work on their flagship product, Quipster. Both apps are available for free for iPhone.

Copywriting for Apple products is a lot of fun because (a) I am completely enamored with all things Mac and (b) the creativity and “freshness” of the content is something I really dig.

Check out some of the content I wrote for Run With Friends right here.

And hey, if you have your own copywriting project on the go that you’d like me to take a look at, please get in touch. I’d be happy to lend a little of my signature “WickedCopy edge” to your pet project! Click here to get in touch with us via our website.

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