This Month’s Featured Project:

5 Mar

I’ve been having a lot of fun with! is a website and online wedding planning business that I built from scratch. It was a fabulous testing ground to learn about Joomla!, blogging, and so much more.

I started initially to promote my book, The Alternative Bride’s Guide to Wedding Games (available on Amazon). But then I got engaged myself and realized there was a real need for a quality wedding planning website that didn’t overhype weddings or encourage brides to spend too much.

Then there was the flipside of the spectrum, the “I threw my wedding for $200” crowd. Not great either. I was looking for a resource for practical brides who wanted to shop smart and throw a reasonably priced, budget wedding. was born.

Since then, I’ve put out two companion products to the first book and website launch:

The Alternative Bride’s Guide to Wedding Etiquette – a fun and free e-book for brides who want the 21st century rules for throwing their wedding

The Alternative Bride’s Guide to Wedding $avings – the smart bride’s guide for wedding shopping, it includes hundreds of tips and coupon codes to save huge on wedding costs

If you happen to know anyone planning a wedding, I would be so appreciative if you would share with them. Regardless of wedding budget, is a great place to start your wedding planning and a fun way to enjoy the wedding planning process while keeping a reasonably non-bridezilla-y head on your shoulders.

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