Average Copywriter Rates

12 Mar

Ghostwriter FeesWhat is an average copywriter rate for your project?

Whether you’re a copywriter yourself or you’re a client requesting information from a copywriter, it’s perfectly natural – not to mention good business – to know exactly what your copywriting should cost and whether you’re getting a good deal.

As the client, do feel free to shop around and compare quotes. Thanks to sites like Elance, it’s very easy to find copywriters for your project.

However, when you’re getting quotes, make sure you look at the copywriter’s portfolio and contents of their bid along with the actual number they’re giving you. It should become obvious fairly quickly why one copywriter is quoting 2 bucks for your blog post and another is quoting $40.

The quality of copywriters varies very, very widely on the Internet. As with everything else, you get what you pay for. Be wary of copywriters who are charging what seems ridiculously too little for their services. Find a quote that appeals to you and then try to work something out based on your budgetary constraints. You will find that most copywriters will be flexible with their prices if they would really like to work with you.

Helpful hint: The quality of a copywriter’s work will always shine through (or not) in his or her bid for your project. If their writing is sucky in their bid and full of typos, your final product will be, too. On the other hand, if the writing is compelling and easy to read, you’re looking at a winner – even if the price they’re quoting you seems too good to be true.

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