The Little SEO Tip That Could – Part 3

23 Apr

Alrighty, today I want to talk to you about keyword placement for optimal search engine visibility.

Let me start by saying that what you don’t want to do is simply stuff your articles or blog posts full of your keywords. That’s called (and aptly so) “keyword stuffing” and Google picks up on it and assumes your content isn’t good enough to rank higher.

Ideally, you don’t use keywords at all… in a perfect world (or article), your content is naturally valuable and naturally contains language that people want to read and therefore search for.

In the real world, leveraging keywords is a practical way to ensure that you get noticed by Google.

Here are the spots where you want to include your keyword:

  • In your page title (the one that appears at the top of your browser)
  • In your article/blog title
  • Within the first sentence of your body content
  • One additional instance (or possibly more) in the body of your content
  • In the file name of your image (yes, the FILE NAME – you’ll need to set that before you upload)
  • In the image description
  • In the alternate text for your image
  • In the tooltips for your hyperlinks

These are all the perfect places to put your keywords because that’s where Google is mainly checking for them. Make sure you don’t overdo it by simply using your keywords over and over and over again in your content. That is crappy SEO and it doesn’t work.

Otherwise, the best thing you can do is not focus on your keywords too much and simply write great content – because even if your content isn’t keyword rich, Google uses a ton of other parameters to determine what is worthwhile on the web and therefore what should rank more highly.

(I can help you with your SEO and your great content – just get in touch.)

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