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Does your project need an edge? Get innovation and an eye for detail with WickedCopy!

WickedCopy specializes in ghostwriting, website copy, and newsletter/blog/social media management. We’re the best in the business and we have the track record to prove it.

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At WickedCopy, every client is unique. More than a decade of experience has taught us that thousands of projects are delayed because many copywriters do not take the time to lay the groundwork for success. Let’s get it right the first time! Avoid wasting time and money by choosing the experts at WickedCopy.

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WickedCopy works with a wide variety of clients, from multimillion dollar corporations to small non-profit groups. We have masterminded many print books and e-books, and have saved quite a few websites from themselves! Our clients are thrilled with our work and we don’t rest until every last client is beyond satisfied.

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Who is WickedCopy?

WickedCopy is a boutique copywriting firm owned and operated by Kathryn Calhoun, a professional ghostwriter and freelance writer. Kathryn hand selects her client to ensure there is strong professional chemistry and sufficient time to give each project the careful attention it deserves.

Kathryn has been freelance writing for over a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Commerce, both of which have helped lay the groundwork for WickedCopy’s success as well as the success of each individual project.

Kathryn has ghostwritten and authored many books and e-books. She also manages several newsletters and blogs for a variety of clients and has expertise in SEO-optimized website content.

Could your business, website, or pet project benefit from everything WickedCopy has to offer? Find out now by telling us about your project.

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