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How to Get Started as a Ghostwriter

27 Aug

Last week, I was celebrating landing a new ghostwriting project when a fellow writer-friend of mine asked me how to get started as a ghostwriter.

I thought back to years ago when I’d started ghostwriting – it took a lot of time and a lot of clients before I got my first ghostwriting gig. But looking back on it all now, I thought I’d share the tips I learned along the way to hopefully expedite anyone else wants to know how to get started as a ghostwriter.

1) Collect positive client testimonials.

Websites like and are great for getting work and then getting reviews. Reviews are really important for ghostwriting clients because they want to know how other people liked working with you. Reviews are especially important because you can’t really have a ghostwriting portfolio since ghostwriting is, by definition, secretive.

2) Build up your public portfolio.

Remember that you can’t include ghostwriting samples in your portfolio because doing so violates the confidentiality part of a ghostwriting agreement. Instead, build up your regular writing portfolio so that potential clients can see that you actually know how to write well.

3) Be willing to do a free sample.

Ghostwriting contracts typically pay a lot more than an average writing job, so if you want to get one, you should be willing to do a free writing sample for the prospective client. A few pages won’t take up too much of your time and will be worth it in the long run if they’re good enough to get you the gig.

4) Be patient.

Things like this do take time. It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be an overnight success story. Don’t give up!

How to Become a Copywriter

27 Feb

I periodically get requests and questions through my contact form asking whether I’m hiring or how I got my copywriting business going.

So, for all of you who are stopping by hoping to get a well-paying, steady income going through copywriting or ghost writing, here are a few tips:

Be an uber-awesome writer. Oh, sure, you’re thinking, that goes without saying. Well, unfortunately, there are a LOT of so-called “professional writers” out there whose grammar and/or punctuation and/or spelling abilities are sub-par. Sad but true. Learn how to write well before you learn how to be a ghost writer or copywriter.

Build your portfolio. Put together whatever you’ve written in the past to get started or, if you don’t have anything, get writing. You don’t need to have work that people have paid for in order to build a portfolio. You simply need writing samples. Do a little work for people for free, set up your own blog or website, or simply write a few articles for the sole purpose of showcasing your talents.

Start bidding on projects. Copywriting clients don’t come to you; YOU go to the clients. You can find clients on sites like and Both of these sites have free and paid membership versions, so it doesn’t have to cost you anything to get started. You may have to underbid a little at first on projects in order to win them (since you’re lacking in credibility at this point as a newbie), but that’s okay. The idea is to simply score some clients so you can build your portfolio and get some positive reviews.

There, now, wasn’t that easy?

BONUS: Remember, it’s free to build your online portfolio and bid on copywriting projects on Buuuuut, if you use my affiliate link, you’ll get 10 additional free credits you can spend to bid on extra cool projects. Click here to begin.

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