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How to Get Started as a Ghostwriter

27 Aug

Last week, I was celebrating landing a new ghostwriting project when a fellow writer-friend of mine asked me how to get started as a ghostwriter.

I thought back to years ago when I’d started ghostwriting – it took a lot of time and a lot of clients before I got my first ghostwriting gig. But looking back on it all now, I thought I’d share the tips I learned along the way to hopefully expedite anyone else wants to know how to get started as a ghostwriter.

1) Collect positive client testimonials.

Websites like and are great for getting work and then getting reviews. Reviews are really important for ghostwriting clients because they want to know how other people liked working with you. Reviews are especially important because you can’t really have a ghostwriting portfolio since ghostwriting is, by definition, secretive.

2) Build up your public portfolio.

Remember that you can’t include ghostwriting samples in your portfolio because doing so violates the confidentiality part of a ghostwriting agreement. Instead, build up your regular writing portfolio so that potential clients can see that you actually know how to write well.

3) Be willing to do a free sample.

Ghostwriting contracts typically pay a lot more than an average writing job, so if you want to get one, you should be willing to do a free writing sample for the prospective client. A few pages won’t take up too much of your time and will be worth it in the long run if they’re good enough to get you the gig.

4) Be patient.

Things like this do take time. It’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be an overnight success story. Don’t give up!

Your New Year’s Resolutions for Business Are…

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a safe, happy, and blessed Christmas holiday – and super fun-filled New Year with lots of champagne and Auld Lang Syne. 🙂

Now that we’re into 2012, it’s time for your New Year’s Resolutions… and I’m not talking about shedding those holiday pounds (although that is definitely on my list!).

I’m talking about your New Year’s Business Resolutions, your plans to make 2012 the best year yet.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Maintain your blog. A blog doesn’t do what it’s supposed to if you don’t post regularly. Make sure your blog is getting updated at least once a week.
  • Update your social media. Yup, same goes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all that fun stuff. If someone goes to check out your tweets and sees you haven’t posted an update since, oh, Valentine’s Day, you’re going to have problems. Learn how to make it easy with Hootsuite.
  • Get those monthly newsletters rolling. Online newsletters are an affordable way to develop relationships with your clients and spread the word about your business. Get out of the dark ages and get yourself a monthly newsletter!
  • Revamp your website. How is your website copy? Does it say exactly what you want it to? Is it getting enough visitors? Is it converting those visitors into clients? If not, you may want to invest in a 21st century website.

WickedCopy can help you with all of your New Year’s Business Resolutions. Contact us ASAP to get started – then let us take care of your resolutions for you (at least the ones that don’t involve you going to the gym).

Should I Pay a Ghostwriter or DIY?

11 Jul

Thanks to nkzs for the photo!

Hmm, good question!

Deciding whether to hire a ghostwriter for your project or do it yourself depends on three factors:

1. Your Ability

2. Your Time

3. Your Attitude

Your Ability

How good of a writer are you? If you’re confident that you get your message across in the exact way that you want – a way that achieves your desired goals, that’s great.

If you aren’t a fabulous writer or you’re okay but missing the finer points of voicing, grammar, etc. you may want to hire a ghostwriter.

Your Time

What is your time worth? Many people want to DIY because they don’t want to shell out for a ghostwriter, but you need to ask yourself:

“How much time will I lose writing that I could have spent generating income?”

If you need to take time off from your business in order to get your project done, that’s a cost too. Weigh the cost of lost income versus the cost of hiring an expert ghostwriter.

Your Attitude

Writing requires a LOT of “sticktoitiveness.” You need an idea, but you also need the discipline to see it through from start to (edit after edit to) finish.

Ghostwriters and freelance writers earn their living by getting your projects done. GOOD ghostwriters and freelance writers get your projects done, on time and on budget.

Hiring a professional means never worrying your project will get waylaid by  lack of motivation, inspiration, or even simple distraction that is common among entrepreneurs and other forward-thinking professionals.

So, before you decided to DIY, ask yourself if you have the ability, time, and personal skills necessary to get your project done to your exacting standards.

If you aren’t sure – give us a shout!

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