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Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Blog

9 Jan

Blogs are a key component of any successful online business because they keep your website fresh, which the Google bots just loooove.

And we all know that when Google is happy, search engine traffic gets sent your way.

But having a blog can be costly. It can be a major time drain, plus there is the expense of hosting, images, etc.

Here’s how to have your blog on the cheap:

  1. Use free resources on the web. Many content management systems offer free blogging platforms and some blogging platforms – like WordPress and Blogger – are 100% free. Depending on what your needs are, one of these free services may be just the ticket.
  2. Get cheap stock images. Blog posts need pictures, but pictures cost money. Do your homework to find the cheapest online source of royalty-free stock photography so that buying image credits doesn’t break the bank. Better yet, use your own pictures that you take yourself – as long as they don’t suck.
  3. Add ads. Google AdSense is an easy way to monetize your blog. Get paid for every click your blog generates simply by showing a few ad units relevant to your niche. Piece of cake!
  4. Hire someone to write it. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Every second you spend away from your core business is a second that you could have been generating income. Spend your time where it will earn you dollars and outsource the rest – and  that includes blogging.
  5. Hire long term. I offer big discounts for clients who hire me to write their blog posts for three months or more. I also offer big discounts for clients who want more than one blog post a week. Plan ahead to save some cash.


Money Saving Tip: Editing – Bleeeech!

29 Aug

Ghostwriter FeesAs a ghostwriter, I write a lot of books and e-books for people, usually from scratch.

When I edit, however, I’m dealing with content that has already been written, sometimes by multiple people.

In an effort to save money, some clients will choose a cheaper ghostwriter and then send the content to me for editing.

Surprisingly, this tactic can sometimes cost clients MORE.

Poor ghostwriters turn out bad content. It’s a simple as that.

Not only can you expect typos, spelling errors, grammar issues, and punctuation problems, but you will also commonly get an inconsistent voice, bad flow, and extremely poor organization.

In short, a cheap ghostwriter will usually give you bad content. Then, when you hand it over to an editor, that person will have to spend a whole bunch of extra time cleaning up somebody else’s mess.

The more time your editor has to spend editing, the more money you will spend on editing.

Obvious, right? Of course! But it’s so common. People balk at ghostwriter fees (because, let’s be honest, a great ghostwriter isn’t free), then hire someone with rock-bottom prices only to discover that they have to overspend on editing to get the content up to par.

Just like with everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Save time and save money on your ghostwriting project by having it done right the first time by an expert ghostwriter with reasonable fees, a proven track record, and a serious aversion to crappy content.

(…Someone like me! 🙂 )


6 Ways to Save on Ghostwriting Fees

25 Apr

Ghostwriters usually get paid a lot more than regular freelance writers (at least the good ones do)!


Ghostwriters agree to remain anonymous, allowing the client to take all and any credit, royalties, etc. that result from the finished product. Since they are essentially missing out on all those yummy things, ghostwriters ask for higher fees upfront.

If total ghostwriter anonymity is not essential for you, that can mean BIG savings on your fees.

I’m more than happy to give clients a substantial break in fees (as much as 50% depending on the project) in exchange for a degree of recognition.

Get ghostwriting discounts by:

  • Giving WickedCopy/Kathryn Calhoun a co-author credit.
  • Putting my name somewhere in the interior of the book.
  • Putting my name on the cover of the book.
  • Naming me as an editor.
  • Allowing me to use small samples of your project in my ghostwriting portfolio.
  • Sharing some of the proceeds of the book.

These mentions of either WickedCopy or me personally are a great way for clients on a budget to save thousands on their projects. Instead of only being compensated financially, WickedCopy is also compensated with exposure and experience that can be disclosed.

Just how the deal is structured is entirely up to you. We can create a flexible agreement that balances your desire for credit with your financial constraints.

If you’re interested in learning more about how WickedCopy can bring your vision to life, pleas get in touch with us by using our handy-dandy contact form.

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