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Your Cover Letter Questions?

19 Mar

I get a TON of traffic to my website every day from people who are looking for great cover letter examples.

If you want to know how to write a great cover letter, please reach out!

I invite you to send me your questions, comments, and more. What cover letter strategies have worked for you in the past? What hasn’t worked?

…or are you completely in the dark as far as writing a great cover letter and you’re wondering how to get started?

I’d love to help you out. It actually kind of amazes me how much traffic I get based on a handful of keywords, all surrounding cover letters. If you are one of the many who end up at my site every single day on the hunt for an awesome cover letter, take your search to the next step and actually reach out!

Cover letters are extremely important – far more important than your resume – because they get your foot in the door at whatever job you’re applying for. Without a fantastic cover letter, your application package will probably end up in the trash before anyone ever gets to your resume.

Yup – it doesn’t matter how qualified you are. If your cover letter doesn’t shine, your job application will likely be ignored. So please, never underestimate the power of an amazing cover letter!

I want to help the whole bunch of you who come here every day looking for a cover letter inspiration. Please get in touch!

Your Cover Letter Sucks

23 Jan

…doesn’t it? Be honest!

Never underestimate the power of a crappy cover letter.

Sure, you might think it’s just a “cover” for your resume, but the reality is that cover letters are, for many employers, actually more important than your resume because a cover letter is a little window into your soul… or at least your work ethic.

Your cover letter offers a powerful opportunity to:

  • Introduce yourself in the best possible light.
  • Demonstrate your intelligence.
  • Prove your communication prowess.
  • Show how much you really want the job.
  • Highlight your best, most relevant skills.

Does your cover letter do all that?

The fact is, your cover letter will either make your employer go, “Hmmm… interesting! Let’s take a peek at his/her resume!” or “Ugh, NEXT.”  You absolutely, positively need to spend the time to get your cover letter right so that it works for you, not against you.

So, where to start? What’s the secret to getting that mysterious, all-powerful cover letter that will have job offers falling at your feet? (Or something like that. 🙂 )

There are a lot of potential traps and pitfalls when writing a cover letter, so it’s worth the investment to get a good one. I would love to help you with that. I’ve written about a bajillion cover letters in my day and they all are designed to give your next potential employer the warm fuzzies that make him/her pick up the phone and schedule an interview with you.

Give me a shout. Let’s make a cover letter that will rock your world.

Cover Letter Examples – What a Cover Letter Is NOT

29 Nov

The holiday season is right around the corner! That means there is a lot of seasonal work available AND it means that your New Year’s resolutions are coming up fast…

If you’re looking to make a career change in the New Year or are just hoping to earn a little extra income during the holiday season, the time is now to fine tune your resume/CV and cover letter.

Here are a few tips to get your cover letter on track. Start by learning what a cover letter is NOT:

  • A cover letter is NOT a resume. Avoid simply regurgitating the content in your resume. Boooooring.
  • A cover letter is NOT your life’s history. Keep your cover letter short and sweet – no more than one page with lots of white space.
  • A cover letter is NOT all about you. Contrary to popular belief, you need to include details in your resume that aren’t all about your job experience or personal ambitions. Cover letters only intrigue people when you talk a little about them – as long as you do it properly.

Basically, your cover letter is there to pique your potential employers’ curiosity by highlighting your keen interest in the position and making your contact details as visible as possible.

As you’ve probably gathered, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Writing a cover letter takes finesse and if it isn’t done properly, your resume might never even get read.

I would love to help you write your cover letter and resume. Get in touch now so you’re all ready to go come December and January!

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