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How to Get Published

13 Jun

So, you want to get your book published?

If having your name on the cover of a book is a dream of yours, you are far from alone.

Here’s are your options to get published:

  1. Go through a publishing house. If you can actually manage to get the attention of a traditional published, this might work for you, although most writers don’t make anything beyond their initial writer’s fee because most books don’t sell enough copies for the publisher to be compensated for their intial financial investment.
  2. Find a vanity publisher. If you aren’t interested in selling your book, this could be great for you. Vanity publishers take your book files and then you can buy as many copies of your book as you want.
  3. Self-publish. This is becoming more popular practically every second. Self-publishing is a viable option for those with a great book who don’t want to risk the time and rejection of going through a regular publisher. It’s also best for time-sensitive material (e.g. you’ve just written a book about the 2011 Stanley Cup or the death of Osama Bin Laden) and for authors who wish to sell their books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

It is critical that you already have a well-formatted manuscript for publishing houses. If you plan to self-publish or vanity publish, you will need a print-ready version of your book.

If your book is already written, I can help your perfect your manuscript and/or get it ready for publishing. Print industry standards are very exact; I’ll make sure every margin, page number, and semi-colon are exactly where they should be.

If you’re still in the idea stages, I can help you get your book written from scratch.

Just let me know what you need. The sooner we get started, the sooner you’ll see your name on the cover of that book!

Request a quote.

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