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As you can imagine, ghostwriting fees vary widely from project to project. However, as a guideline, expect us to quote you around $7,500-$15,000 for a non-fiction book of between 100 and 200 pages or about 45,000 words. Of course, if you have more or fewer pages/words, your project cost will adjust accordingly. Your rate will also vary based on how much research and/or consultation time is expected.

Our prices include all consultation, research, writing, and editing time. WickedCopy quotes are WYSIWYG: what you see is what you get. Unless you require a major change in the scope of your project, we promise there will be no hidden costs, additional hourly fees, or any such nonsense. We take the time to get your quote right the first time so that you can budget accordingly with no ugly surprises down the road.

Do your homework and you’ll find that our ghostwriting fees are some of the most competitive in the industry. Our ghostwriting rates are so reasonable because we have very little overhead and aren’t required to pass along finders’ fees or commissions to third parties. When you work with WickedCopy, you work directly with your ghostwriter. No middleman means more affordable costs and a higher quality finished product.

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Layout and Design

Need more than just content? If desired, WickedCopy can also create the layout and design of the interior of your book or e-book. We can get your book manuscript print-ready or your e-book ready to download. We have a lot of experience in this department and would be delighted to advise you on what, in our experience, works best in terms of layout and design. Please note that these services are available at an additional cost of $400-$1000 (generally speaking) and are for your book interior only. If you want your cover designed as well, we have a roster of qualified graphic designers and would be happy to provide you with a referral.

Website Content/Editing

WickedCopy is an industry expert when it comes to websites – and we have the testimonials to prove it! You’ll be happy to hear that most website content projects can be done for under $400. Of course, our fees vary depending on the amount of writing required, but because the best websites are usually very concise in terms of content, we can usually give you a great deal that falls within both your budget and your timeline.

Depending on your website content management system, WickedCopy may also be able to actually do your website content updates for you, which saves you the hassle of tracking down your webmaster to do it for you. We are familiar with Joomla!, WordPress, and many other content management systems. If you’re interested in this service, it is available for a nominal cost.

Your project quote will include all writing, editing, and consultation time. It also includes complimentary site design consultation, meaning that we can provide you with recommendations to improve your site’s ease-of-use, attractiveness, and flow. We can also assist you with search engine optimization (SEO) at no additional cost.

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Newsletter/Blog/Social Media Management

Are you finding that your monthly newsletter, weekly blog, or daily Facebook and Twitter updates are taking up too much of your valuable time? Let WickedCopy ease the burden! We create stunning newsletter, blog, and social media campaigns that work harmoniously as marketing tools that build your business. We’ll work with you to design a winning marketing program that showcases your business in its best light to help you build brand value and customer loyalty.

For newsletters, we can create just your content or both your content and your layout. We can even manage your mailing list and send out the newsletters on your behalf so you don’t have to lift a finger! Monthly newsletters start at just $40.

Blogs are our specialty! WickedCopy will create compelling, SEO-friendly posts that attract and retain your website visitors. We can even update your blog for you, so we do all the work and you can just sit back and watch it happen. Weekly blog posts start at $25.

We can even handle your social media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) updates to keep the conversation going without you having to check in on things twelve times a day. Social media management starts at only $10 per week.

Marketing Program Package Discounts

Interested in some combination of a monthly newsletter, weekly blog post, and social media management? Fantastic! WickedCopy offers attractive discounts for multiple service packages. You can save up to 65% with our Marketing Program Packages!

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WickedCopy is a full-service freelance writing company. If you don’t see your desired service listed above, please contact us!

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