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It’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

18 Feb

wickedcopy-copywriterWhew – hi everybody. Sorry I’ve been AWOL for so long!

The bad news: I haven’t updated my blog in foreeeever!

The good news: I’ve been too busy to update my blog, thanks to… well, thanks to my blog. 🙂

This simple website of mine is proof positive that a blog gets you the exposure you need to grow your business. I’ve been so busy with the new clients my site has generated over the past year that I haven’t needed to update my site – and so I haven’t bothered.

Now, I do think that growing my traffic and my online presence is a good thing, obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing you now. Aside from being search engine fodder, blog posts are important because they tell your potential customers that you are still in the picture. In other words, not having a new post up since the summer when it is now February is a bad thing <blush!>.

However, my website has gotten enough Google traction that it’s still getting page views and it’s still generating leads for me from my contact form. How? In a word (or an acronym):


Yes, blogs are important to tell Google you’ve got regular content going up all the time, but SEO is still important, albeit different from days of yore. You need to have the right SEO in the right places. It helps to have your whole site’s framework set up correctly, but then within each post there are things you can do, as well.

If you need help with your blog, let me know. This one is kicking ass for me and I would love to make yours do the same for you. I am available for consults as well as actually writing your posts.

Happy 2013 everyone – sorry for the belated wishes! 🙂

Photo Credit: alamodestuff via Flickr

This Month’s Featured Project: Rockette Summer Intensive Accommodations

2 Apr

Rockette Summer Intensive AccommodationsI had so much fun putting this site together on Google’s Blogger platform. Normally, I work with WordPress and Joomla!, both of which are awesome. But Blogger is fun too and it’s really easy to set up!

The Rockette Summer Intensive Accommodations website was created to help young dancers coming to New York City this summer for the Rockette Summer Intensive to have an affordable place to stay.

The Rockette Summer Intensive takes place at Radio City Music Hall, which, if you’re from the area, you know is definitely not cheap in terms of hotels. The dancers stay for a week learning Rockettes technique and choreography – and the tuition is pretty steep (around $1,000), so affordable accommodations for Rockette Summer Intensive students seems like a pretty great idea to me!

The Rockette Summer Intensive Accommodations website details what is essentially a homestay for Rockette Summer Intensive participants and their parents or guardians. It’s only about $75 a night, which is pretty much a steal, considering the accommodations are clean, safe, quiet… Not a lot of cheap NYC hotels can boast that, and definitely not at that price!

The program lasts for 6 weeks (6 one-week sessions) and each session apparently has about 100 dancers. There are only 6 spots available for Rockette dancers to stay at the suite listed on this website, so it’s pretty competitive and anyone who wants to snap up a spot has to do so early.

Although the site is not affiliated with the Rockettes or the Rockettes Summer Intensive, it is geared toward helping its dancers. The owner is a dancer herself and wants to help out these aspiring Rockettes.

Google’s Blogger platform is a great way for a free, DIY blog. If you’d like, I can help get yours set up and then you can run with it on your own. Easy as pie, I promise! Just get in touch if you’re interested.

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Blog

9 Jan

Blogs are a key component of any successful online business because they keep your website fresh, which the Google bots just loooove.

And we all know that when Google is happy, search engine traffic gets sent your way.

But having a blog can be costly. It can be a major time drain, plus there is the expense of hosting, images, etc.

Here’s how to have your blog on the cheap:

  1. Use free resources on the web. Many content management systems offer free blogging platforms and some blogging platforms – like WordPress and Blogger – are 100% free. Depending on what your needs are, one of these free services may be just the ticket.
  2. Get cheap stock images. Blog posts need pictures, but pictures cost money. Do your homework to find the cheapest online source of royalty-free stock photography so that buying image credits doesn’t break the bank. Better yet, use your own pictures that you take yourself – as long as they don’t suck.
  3. Add ads. Google AdSense is an easy way to monetize your blog. Get paid for every click your blog generates simply by showing a few ad units relevant to your niche. Piece of cake!
  4. Hire someone to write it. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Every second you spend away from your core business is a second that you could have been generating income. Spend your time where it will earn you dollars and outsource the rest – and  that includes blogging.
  5. Hire long term. I offer big discounts for clients who hire me to write their blog posts for three months or more. I also offer big discounts for clients who want more than one blog post a week. Plan ahead to save some cash.


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