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Ho Ho Ho! Meeeerrry Christmas!

25 Dec

How to Take a Holiday From Your Blog

19 Dec

What's in this present? A bottle of wine, perhaps? NOPE! It's your blog!

Well, at Christmas we have dreams of taking a little time off and chilling out with our friends and family.

…but if you have a blog, you know that it waits for nothing – including the holidays.

You have to keep up your blog on a regular basis or else you will LOSE your Google rankings.

Luckily, most blogging platforms, like WordPress and Google’s Blogger, allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time. So you can sit down at your computer, pound out as many blog posts as you need to get you through your holiday period, and then schedule each one to go live at the date and time you choose.

Your posts don’t have to be thousands of words long, so it doesn’t have to take forever to make each post. Just commit yourself to a few hours in front of the computer and make it happen. Remember that if you don’t, your website’s visibility will suffer – so keep that blog going!

If your blog just seems like way too much altogether, then NOW is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of WickedCopy’s 100% piece-of-cake set-it-and-forget-it blog management.

For a low monthly fee, I can:

  • Write and schedule all of your posts at whichever interval you choose (I recommend at least once a week)
  • Dream up all of the topics myself, relevant to your niche and keyword-rich.
  • Add images to your posts
  • Manage your comments
  • Help with SEO and site visibility so you can GROW YOUR READERSHIP
  • Integrate social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter into your blog

Ho ho ho! Imagine if you never had to think about your blog again. Wouldn’t that be the best gift ever??? You’re welcome. 😉

Christmas Blog Post Ideas

12 Dec

Like it or not, the holiday season is upon us!

Now that it’s officially December, everyone’s got visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads… or at least visions of insane Christmas lineups at Kohl’s, tackling that giant ball of Christmas lights, and hopefully enjoying an eggnog or two.

And even though you’ll hopefully take some time for loved ones this Christmas, you still have to look after your blog. Your readers want to know what’s up with you over the course of the holidays and it’s a great way for you to share a little Christmas cheer with your readers.

Here are some Christmas blog post ideas:

  • Holiday promotions. Got a coupon code? A BOGO deal? Make sure you blog about it!
  • Changes to your hours. Are you closing for Christmas Day? Will you have shorter hours on Christmas Eve or extra long hours every Saturday? Let your customers know!
  • Your secret family shortbread recipe. The holidays are the perfect time to reach out to your customers on a personal level. Help your blog visitors feel your Christmas spirit by sharing something personal, like your favorite holiday memory, your cherished Christmas tradition, or that recipe that everyone drools over come Christmas dinner.

Remember, just because you can take a little time off doesn’t mean that your blog should. Get those holiday posts up so that your business can showcase its goodwill and Christmas cheer, which is good for the soul and good for business.

Want a little help with your blog? Santa has an elf for that!

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