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This Month’s Featured Project: Rockette Summer Intensive Accommodations

2 Apr

Rockette Summer Intensive AccommodationsI had so much fun putting this site together on Google’s Blogger platform. Normally, I work with WordPress and Joomla!, both of which are awesome. But Blogger is fun too and it’s really easy to set up!

The Rockette Summer Intensive Accommodations website was created to help young dancers coming to New York City this summer for the Rockette Summer Intensive to have an affordable place to stay.

The Rockette Summer Intensive takes place at Radio City Music Hall, which, if you’re from the area, you know is definitely not cheap in terms of hotels. The dancers stay for a week learning Rockettes technique and choreography – and the tuition is pretty steep (around $1,000), so affordable accommodations for Rockette Summer Intensive students seems like a pretty great idea to me!

The Rockette Summer Intensive Accommodations website details what is essentially a homestay for Rockette Summer Intensive participants and their parents or guardians. It’s only about $75 a night, which is pretty much a steal, considering the accommodations are clean, safe, quiet… Not a lot of cheap NYC hotels can boast that, and definitely not at that price!

The program lasts for 6 weeks (6 one-week sessions) and each session apparently has about 100 dancers. There are only 6 spots available for Rockette dancers to stay at the suite listed on this website, so it’s pretty competitive and anyone who wants to snap up a spot has to do so early.

Although the site is not affiliated with the Rockettes or the Rockettes Summer Intensive, it is geared toward helping its dancers. The owner is a dancer herself and wants to help out these aspiring Rockettes.

Google’s Blogger platform is a great way for a free, DIY blog. If you’d like, I can help get yours set up and then you can run with it on your own. Easy as pie, I promise! Just get in touch if you’re interested.

This Month’s Featured Project: Run With Friends

6 Feb

I had a lot of fun editing the latest iPhone app from developer Mobilitz Inc.

It’s called Run With Friends, a play on words after the smash hit app, Words With Friends.

Run With Friends is a simple but ingenious little app for people who love running but hate running alone. Run With Friends connects people all over the world for virtual races, so you can strive to beat your neighbors, make new running friends, or just beat your own personal best.

The app makes use of the iPhone’s advanced capabilities to keep track of your running times and also provides audio updates during your runs, so you know whether you’re in the lead or being left in the dust.

I helped create and edit the content for Run With Friends. Mobilitz, Inc., the app’s creator, first contacted me to work on their flagship product, Quipster. Both apps are available for free for iPhone.

Copywriting for Apple products is a lot of fun because (a) I am completely enamored with all things Mac and (b) the creativity and “freshness” of the content is something I really dig.

Check out some of the content I wrote for Run With Friends right here.

And hey, if you have your own copywriting project on the go that you’d like me to take a look at, please get in touch. I’d be happy to lend a little of my signature “WickedCopy edge” to your pet project! Click here to get in touch with us via our website.

Your New Year’s Resolutions for Business Are…

1 Jan

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a safe, happy, and blessed Christmas holiday – and super fun-filled New Year with lots of champagne and Auld Lang Syne. 🙂

Now that we’re into 2012, it’s time for your New Year’s Resolutions… and I’m not talking about shedding those holiday pounds (although that is definitely on my list!).

I’m talking about your New Year’s Business Resolutions, your plans to make 2012 the best year yet.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Maintain your blog. A blog doesn’t do what it’s supposed to if you don’t post regularly. Make sure your blog is getting updated at least once a week.
  • Update your social media. Yup, same goes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all that fun stuff. If someone goes to check out your tweets and sees you haven’t posted an update since, oh, Valentine’s Day, you’re going to have problems. Learn how to make it easy with Hootsuite.
  • Get those monthly newsletters rolling. Online newsletters are an affordable way to develop relationships with your clients and spread the word about your business. Get out of the dark ages and get yourself a monthly newsletter!
  • Revamp your website. How is your website copy? Does it say exactly what you want it to? Is it getting enough visitors? Is it converting those visitors into clients? If not, you may want to invest in a 21st century website.

WickedCopy can help you with all of your New Year’s Business Resolutions. Contact us ASAP to get started – then let us take care of your resolutions for you (at least the ones that don’t involve you going to the gym).

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