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How to Use Pinterest for Business

20 Feb

What is Pinterest?

Do I need it for my business?

How can Pinterest help my website?

Ah, Pinterest… yet another in the long line of social media platforms that are crowding our to-do lists. However, Pinterest is NOT something you should be ignoring and here’s why:

Pinterest is a simple platform that allows you to “pin” online images to your virtual pinboard. You can organize the pictures into categories, or boards. Seriously, Pinterest is extremely easy to use and yes, it’s free.

Don’t be surprised if Pinterest becomes the next big traffic generator for your website! Pinterest is growing ridiculously quickly and, unlike Twitter or some other social media platforms, it actually engages your audience for a long time… long enough to get them interested in learning more about your business.

  • Pinterest provides valuable backlinks to your website. The more backlinks you have the better your site ranks.
  • Pinterest takes no time at all to update and is instantly in front of a HUMUNGOUS audience.
  • Pinterest followers can become paying customers. Because people are excited to peruse your pics on Pinterest, you have lots of time and opportunity to encourage them to come check out your website. That can help grow your mailing list, your customer base, your repeat business… the list goes on.

Pinterest currently is available by invitation only, but you can request your personal invitation here. Get pinning right away to build your pinboard, then prepare to be amazed by how quickly people start engaging with what you’re posting, either through repinning, liking, or commenting on your pins.

What’s the Point of Twitter?

13 Feb

Are you one of the millions who are tweeting daily because, like a good social media marketer, you’ve been told that’s what you’re supposed to be doing?

I mean, Twitter has 100 million active users every single month, most of which log in every day. It’s the third most popular social network on the planet, after Facebook and LinkedIn.

So, you’re on Twitter, hoping to tap into that market, but maybe it isn’t working as well as you’d like…. and maybe not at all.

Well, you certainly aren’t alone. If Twitter isn’t working out for you, here are a few possible reasons why:

1. Your customer base isn’t on Twitter – Keeping up with the Joneses is great and all, but if your customers don’t care about finding you on Twitter, then Twitter might not be your best social media platform. Be brave; you actually don’t HAVE to be on Twitter (I swear!).

2. You aren’t marketing enough – Put Twitter badges on your webpage, in your email signature, on your blog, in your newsletters. Send an email out to your friends and current client base to tell them you’re on Twitter. Tweet daily about things your followers care about. Respond to their tweets; NEVER ignore your followers! Tell people about promotions going on in your business. Hold Twitter contests. Use a social media manager like Hootsuite to keep track of which tweets are the most clicked and shared so you can replicate and increase your success.

3. You are marketing to the wrong group of people – When I started tweeting for my other business, TheAlternativeBride.com, I was hoping to get a huge following of brides who would come to read my articles, use my coupon codes, buy my books, etc. What I got was a bunch of fellow wedding vendors as followers. Bummer? Nope.

Although I didn’t get what I expected, I did end up with a satellite customer base that was steadily growing. It turns out that wedding vendors are as hungry for information to help them grow their businesses as brides are for wedding advices and photos of cakes. Ask yourself who is following you on Twitter; THEN ask yourself what you can be doing to sell to them. (In other words, figure out who your Twitter customers actually ARE, not who you’d like them to be.)

How to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

30 Jan

MailchimpA monthly newsletter is a very important thing for your business because:

a) it keeps you in front of your customers.
b) it promotes your business’ products/services.
c) both of the above.
d) neither of the above.

The answer?

Well, hopefully the answer is (c), but if you don’t have a decent-sized newsletter subscriber list, your answer is probably (d).

…at least for now. Don’t get discouraged! Here’s how to get more newsletter subscribers:

  • Put an opt-in form on your website. Make sure it’s prominently displayed! Put it in at the end of every blog post. This isn’t hard to do thanks to most emailing platforms, which generate the code for you so all you have to do is copy and paste.
  • Use pop-ups. People hate pop-ups, usually, but if they’re already visiting your website, it’s safe to assume they’re at least mildly interested in what you’re selling. A pop-up window asking them to opt-in to stay updated will grow your list much more quickly than the standard opt-in form.
  • Offer freebies. People loooove free stuff! Get them to give you their email address by offering something in exchange, such as a free report, free e-book, free screensaver… something that fits with your business that your customers will love. (Psst! I can help you make that freebie; give me a shout!)

A note about pop-ups: Not all emailing platforms offer the code you need to do pop-ups… but Mailchimp does. Mailchimp is also TOTALLY FREE for as long as you have under 2,000 subscribers, which makes it the perfect platform to get started building your email marketing.


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